VIBE TV: Sensation ‘Ocean of White’ Tour 2013 Stops in Oakland

Sensation made its first U.S. stop in 2013 in Oakland this past weekend. Started in Holland, the touring rave now hits 22 cities across the globe.

In the States, Sensation’s inaugural “Ocean of White” tour will also land in Las Vegas, Miami and Brooklyn in 2013. Everything from festival-goers outfits to the backdrops and turntables is fashioned white at the dance party.

“I usually say its something between a Cirque du Soleil show and a dance event that you are in the middle of,” says Fedde Le Grand, one of the DJs on the lineup. Here Le Grand, with help from Brighton’s Prok & Fitch, explains why Sensation is one party not to be missed. “In my opinion,” says Le Grand. “This is something you actually have to experience to know what it’s about.”