Video Premiere: SALM “Prophet 21″

Who doesn’t love a seductive vixen whose missing a few screws from the toolbox? The fantastical music video from Parisian duo, SALM, set to the haunting classical-dance amalgam “Prophet 21” is your new joie de vivre. SALM, formerly known as SomethingALaMod, is made up of the classically trained Thomas and Yannick who draw diverse inspiration from Stravinski as well as Daft Punk. Their afflatus for instrumentation combined with cinematic dance music can be heard in the rapid pace changes of “Prophet 21,” which steer down the windy road of ominous to bouncy to hear-racing.

The video could easily double as a new psychological thriller coming from the mind of director Edgar Marie, who manages to instill a feature-film esque plotline complete with a climax and resolution in under five minutes. With leading actors, Dimitri Storoge, who was nominated for a French Oscar and the smoldering Vanessa Guide as our heroine badass beauty, “Prophet 21” just raised the bar for artistry in music videos.

Look out for “Prophet 21″ out September 16 off SALM’s sophomore LP ‘Endless Stairs’ set for release in January 2014. Pre-order the track here.