Vixen Chat: Adrienne Bailon on Kissing Ja Rule in New Movie, Dating Mistakes, and Turning 30

Adrienne Bailon

After chatting with Adrienne Bailon, we found our newest BFF. Adrienne shared advice on dating and how she’s learning from mistakes made in previous relationships. She keeps it real and her confidence in who she is reflects in her genuine spirit. On the brink of her thirtieth birthday, her latest film I’m in Love with a Church Girl hits theaters October 18th and costars Ja Rule. Read on to find out how Adrienne felt about playing Ja Rules love interest and how she’s taking charge of her personal life.

We enjoyed getting to know you on The RealYou and all of your cohosts have very strong and distinct personalities. Was there any clashing behind the scenes?

You can see that naturally we have great chemistry we really enjoy each others company. Do we always agree? Absolutely not, but I think that’s what makes the show interesting, is that there’s different point of views. I also think its funny, like most of the time Tamar and I don’t agree, but we be dying laughing at each others point and we love that about each other. I love that Tamar is gonna say something that is so outrageous and funny, but I’m going to die laughing, but at the same time I might take something away from that.

In addition, to The Real we’ve had the opportunity to get to know a little bit Adrienne more from Empire Girls and Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but reality shows can only capture small bits of who you are. Is there any specific part of your life that you prefer to keep private?

I actually just kept my relationship away from everybody. For me, if you make the same mistakes twice you’re not the smartest. Learn from your mistakes. And I think I learned from my past relationships that sometimes keeping things private is best and there has to be something that’s sacred.

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