Vixen Chat: Adrienne Bailon on Kissing Ja Rule in New Movie, Dating Mistakes, and Turning 30

Adrienne Bailon

You have a very successful career. A lot of women have dreams and may also want to become a singer, actress, and businesswoman as you have done. How do you prioritize and decide what your next move will be?

Honestly, I try to be really strategic about it, but at the end of the day things will roll the way they’re supposed to. And I have realized that you put all the work in, you definitely give 100% of yourself into every area. When you want to do music you put 100% into music 100% into acting. I can go on a million auditions for acting and let’s say none of those come through. I can record 100 songs and none of those work out. I feel that if you knock on 10 doors one of them is going to open up and I’ll go with that. And I think that sometimes one door opening for you helps the other. Like, uh for a long time I couldn’t understand why my music wouldn’t pop off. I would record records and people would kind of give me the side eye. It’s crazy how God works and timing is everything. So now that people really know who I am and the way I am my music will seem more real. When I’m singing my song I want y’all to believe me. So for me it was worth waiting.

What are some of the things you’ve had to sacrifice in order to be where you are today?

I think so many people don’t realize I missed a lot when I was growing up. Simple things like graduating from High School tossing up a cap and gown. I miss major moments in my life. I missed learning how to drive. I still don’t know how to drive.  I felt so blessed to have those experiences and opportunities, but I sacrificed a lot of what people would call real life. Real life moments from family vacations, family reunions, family barbecues, you know what I mean? Like things that I didn’t get to enjoy because I was always working. But now that I’m almost 30, I can choose what I wanna do what I don’t wanna do what parties I want to attend. Like, I don’t feel pressed to go to every single thing anymore. I think a lot of the times people don’t realize that that was my hustle my hustle was not giving up letting my face be seen letting my name be known.

When you’re young that’s what you’re supposed to do you’re supposed to work now, so that when you’re older you can then relax.

Absolutely! I wanna be heard. I’m talented. I wanna be an entrepreneur. I want a nail polish line. I wanna be this. You have to keep going you have to keep fighting. Somebody’s gonna open up and once they see you’re poppin on door number one they’re gonna wanna open door number 3, 4, 5, and 6. So something’s gonna pop off and for me its The Real. It only takes one opportunity to open up other doors for you.

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