Vixen Chat: Adrienne Bailon on Kissing Ja Rule in New Movie, Dating Mistakes, and Turning 30

Vibe-Vixen-Adrienne-Bailon-2How do you feel about turning the big 3-0?

I’m calling it the dirty thirty. I feel great about it! I’m so excited to go into a new stage of life. Everyone’s telling me that you stop caring so much when you turn 30 and I really hope that’s true. Because growing up I was always someone who wanted people to like me. I always somewhat cared about what people thought and I think that hurt me a lot in my twenties. So, hopefully in my thirties I will go for making myself happy and focus on my work and I’m excited about it.

A few days before your thirtieth birthday will be the premiere of your new movie,  I’m in Love with a Church Girl. What’s the number one thing that you want viewers to get from this film?

I really loved making this movie. You can do a million movies and a million things and I took the time to be a part of a film that had a strong message and that had a message of faith and to me that was a big deal. I grew up in church. I grew up Pentecostal. I grew up literally living in church my mother was superintendent of children’s ministries and my father was a worship leader. So, for me making this movie was incredibly fulfilling, because I felt like I was doing what was intended for me to do all along. I felt really great about putting out a message of positivity and of faith. I hope that people will see beyond that it’s Adrienne Bailon and Ja Rule. While we were filming i asked God to use me that I can be an instrument.

How was it working with Ja Rule on the film?

He is such a talented actor. I know that now he’s doing so much more acting. He’s on the VH1 show called “Single Ladies” and he’s doing a lot more on acting, but I’ve been a friend of Ja Rule’s since 3LW. We used to be in the same circles. It’s pretty funny I grew up with him and he always saw me as a little sister. I think we had great chemistry on camera.

Thanks for chatting with us Adrienne!