Vixen Chat: Angell Conwell Talks J-Hud Comparisons, ‘Soul Plane’ and Being a Brown Girl on Daytime Soaps


The Jennifer Hudson Comparison:

“I totally get that all the time. I see it, too. I’ll be driving down the street and see a billboard and I’ll be like “Whoa, when did I blow up like that?” And then I realize it’s her and I’m like “Oh not me.  Not yet.” It’s definitely not a bad compliment.”

On her favorite beauty products:

“Besides the good ol’ H20, I don’t think people understand how cleansing and therapeutic water is for you’re skin, not only for your body inside but you skin as well.It helps your skin glow. The more water you drink, the more clearer your skin will be and I make sure I take my vitamins. I like this product by Derma E. It’s made with all natural product and its not harsh on my skin. So Derma E is a face wash I love, but I feel water and vitamins is the most overlooked beauty products out there.”

Beauty tips:

“Steaming you face. You can get these little steamers from Wal-Mart or your local stores and you put a towel over your head and get under the steamer for about 10-20 minutes about 3 times a week.  It helps unclog your pores and leaves your skin glowing. I think a lot of people sleep on the steamer.”

Favorite Fashion Finds:

“I love the gladiator sandals. I don’t know how everyone else feels about them, but I care not what anyone says. I will rock them and I love them. I like the over sized handbags; I’m just digging the fact that a lot of the old school ways of dressing are coming back.”

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