Vixen Chat: Angell Conwell Talks J-Hud Comparisons, ‘Soul Plane’ and Being a Brown Girl on Daytime Soaps

Her Hair:

“Right now I wear hair hats on a regular basis. I love hair hats. I love the versatility of a wig. But I also wear my own hair so when I’m not filming I can let my scalp breath. I wear my own hair and blow dry and wear it like that or pull it back in a ponytail. I’m bold, too, ’cause I definitely have a big ol’ forehead. I‘ll do that quick. Clips are cool, too. They’re real simple and easy to use and add fullness to your hair really fast, and it’s really easy to put in.”

Who she’s listening to:

“I’m so old school. I keep some old school Dr. Dre in my CD player. I like Kendrick Lamar. I like what he’s got going on right now. I can’t move past some of the old music. A friend of mine just hipped me to Big K.R.I.T.”

Her dream role:

“I appreciate roles that have range and where I can tell a solid story that in same way, shape or form can transform somebody’s life or at least change someone’s perspective. I like roles that are vulnerable and strong at the same time. I don’t necessarily have a dream role, but those are elements that I would like to see in the future role that I play.”

The Future:

“I’ve been focused on the Young and the Restless for the past year but also did a show called ‘Family Time’ with Bentley Kyle Evans. Bentley is the executive producer of Martin and the creator of The Jamie Foxx Show and Love That Girl. So we’ve got a show called Family Time and they’ve aired about six shows already on TV One. So definitely keep your ears and eyes open for it.”