Vixen Chat: Celebrity Stylist Shun Melson on Dressing Monica and Fantasia

Shun Melson

How does your personal style influence how you style others?
It doesn’t. I style my clients by their personality. Monica style is more timeless and classy, while Kim (Zolciak) goes for a more edgy, rock star look.

What is your personal style?
All over the place. I can go from looking like I am going to the White House, to a rap video, to men’s wear, to a very girly look. I am obsessed with clothes. I feel like I can pull off anything. My daily looks usually goes by my mood when I wake up.

There are many aspiring stylist in the industry, what are some tips to help young stylists get their work seen?
Intern under someone to get the real life situation and try to work in a retail store to get to know about the quality of products.

What do you plan to do 3 years form now?
To have 2-3 stylists working under me and to develop a little boys’ line. I have 2 sons who I love to dress.

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