Vixen Chat: Eve Chats Love and Relationships and Why Women Rappers Need to Stick Together


We all grew up on Eve’s music and watched her evolve from the first lady of Ruff Ryders to a respectable and influential entrepreneur. She’s gone through various changes in her professional goals and has managed to have a successful music, acting, and fashion career before stepping out the lime light a bit to focus on her personal life.

Now the Philly rapper is back with a few changes: She left the Interscope label and is managing her own career.

Vixen caught up with her to discuss the change and talk having her own label, and whether she’ll be acting or designing again. Flip the pages to learn more about the rapper who’s managed to keep her private and professional life extremely separate.

VIBE Vixen: How has everything been going this year? We understand you dropped your album and it’s on your own label which is different from your past albums?
Eve: It’s been good, It’s has been a lot of hard work; definitely a lot harder once you own your own label. You have to do a lot more just because [the company’s] small so I don’t have that many employees, it’s me and a few other people but it has been a good learning experience. It’s been a good experience for me being on the other side but I’m having a good time.

How much control do you have over your label, what do you delegate?
Literally everything; I hired everybody personally. I’m head of every meeting. I look over budgets. I say yes and no to flights, I say yes and no to who’s coming on the road, it’s literally everything.

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