Vixen Chat: Eve Chats Love and Relationships and Why Women Rappers Need to Stick Together

EveYou’re the boss; you wear many hats, that’s good especially in this day and age when everyone’s trying to do so much that you’re able to have that opportunity.
It’s a lot of work, I’m not even going to front it’s been hard as shit but at the same time it’s fun because I get to work with who I want to work with. Everybody that’s around me has fun. We want to do what we have to do but we want to have fun doing it so its been good.

Do you ever miss being at Interscope?
Nope. [Laughs] I do miss teams of people who make shit happen for you. I’d be lying if I said ‘oh fuck no I’m good.’ As far as being able to make a decision and being okay with them, I wouldn’t have been able to make this album if I was signed to Interscope. I would of gotten fought on probably every song that’s on this album.

Is this your most personal project that you’ve done?
It’s my most personal definitely, I wouldn’t say favorite, all of them have been good at that time but it’s definitely the most personal album.

So you’ve been in this game for a while and there are very few female artists. How have you enjoyed (or not enjoyed) the evolution of rap?
It’s definitely different, what I hate right now, is that there is no balance as far as female and males. And I think there needs to be; the music is so male driven that it bothers me. I think like there’s always going to be girls in videos and whatever but I think because there is such abundance dudes that out, all the chicks in the video are naked. We need some kind of balance, there are so many dope females that are out, they have songs out but I don’t know why they haven’t come up and that’s what bothers me. As far as music goes, half of these dudes are talking about the same thing or they not talking about shit. How many mollies are you gonna pop, how many bottles, how many chains, how many strip clubs–like stop it.

Are you missing substance in music? 
Yes, 100%. I love Kendrick Lamar’s album because even though it’s a fun album, he’s putting words together that makes sense. It’s different, exciting, the album is an instant classic, it has the feel of old school west coast shit that we love from [Dr.] Dre, Snoop [Dogg], and [Tu]Pac but then at the same time it’s new and exciting.

Do you feel like you should make more music just because you want more presence? Maybe you need to help them out?
No, I don’t feel like it’s my job. I do what I do as an artist, I can only do as much as I feel comfortable doing and it isn’t my job to try to save anything. But I do hope that it’s helping in some way to ignite something within females whether they’re already out or trying to come out. Like females who might be at home right now writing rhymes and want to come out. Hopefully igniting all of that, I mean it can’t just be me it has to be all of us. Females just don’t stick together, all these dudes make mix tapes every seconds, like 15 dudes on 1 record and we can’t even get 2 girls on a record, like its ridiculous.

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