Vixen Chat: Eve Chats Love and Relationships and Why Women Rappers Need to Stick Together


Are you going to get back into acting like you were back in the day?
I think so; there are a lot of things coming up. I read scripts all the time and I go on readings. I have a few things, I have a movie coming out next month, then a movie after that then have two independent movies and did something in a horror film. Little stuff has been coming up and it’s kind of making me excited again to get back into TV.

Are you down for another series like Eve?
Yeah definitely, now when I look back at it I miss it.

Do you ever see yourself joining the reality wave?
Well if its done in a strategic way, yes but not about my life. I’d love to do a show about my traveling, because I travel a lot. If its about me exploring a country, or exploring their food or their fashion. If its about food and fashion I’m down, if its about my life and drama, I can’t do that. I don’t want people in my business, I don’t mind watching it but I couldn’t do that.

People weren’t into your personal business throughout your career; do you think that’s one of the main reason you re still so respected?
I believe so, I feel like when you let things in too much with your personal life it takes away from your profession. Because people will get more involved. Although I understand at the same time people buy in your lifestyle more than they buy into your profession. I’m just a private person so it wasn’t that was plan but maybe it did help.

Let’s talk about you and your beau, are you seeing any wedding bells?
Hopefully, we talk about it but its not something we’re rushing into. I don’t know when it will happen, but I’m sure it will.

If you had your dream wedding, what’s the one thing you must have there?
My dream wedding is so small, like ill probably have 10 people there. Yes I don’t want the big giant wedding. Somewhere in the Caribbean with my immediate family, very close friends and not a big crazy dress but relaxed, real elegant, and beautiful. Weekend party that’s how I feel for my wedding.

How many kids would you have if you can have your dream amount of kids?
Whatever God gives me. The guy I’m with already has four so if I have like two or three we’ll probably end up with the Brady bunch.

You’re heavily into fashion; do you see yourself staring another line?
I don’t know; if I did another line it definitely would be different than Fetish. Fetish was good but I would love to do something a little more boutique, and a little more control. And probably focus more on accessories, like shoes and bags because that’s my obsession.

How has being in love helped you evolve as a person and how has it helped out your music?
As a person it definitely helped. I’ve never been with somebody that’s so supportive, that just have my back more than probably anything else. He really is my best friend and that has a person makes you fearless. You got your friends; my best friends are my everything too–but when you have that man that you want to share your life with, it’s really nice. It gives you a different kind of confidence. With my music I’m sure he influences my lyrics but it’s mostly about just being a woman, it help me have a certain confidence as a woman.

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