Vixen Chat: Jhené Aiko Talks Recording For Drake’s ‘Nothing Was The Same,’ New Record With Kendrick Lamar

Jhene Aiko

Were you a last-minute addition to “Wu-Tang Forever“?
Yeah, the first time we met to work together, he played me six songs. That was one of them and I was like, ‘Can I sing on that? Can I just do a note?’ and he was like yeah and I did that right away. I didn’t even know if he was gonna keep it or not. I was just like, ‘Dang I really, really like this song. I think it could use a female voice just a little bit.’ I didn’t even know “Wu-Tang Forever” was the name. I was so confused so when people were like ‘Is that you?’ I was like I’ve never done a song about Wu-Tang, let me see but that hook spoke to me and I can hear myself singing on it. When he played “From Time,” there was nothing on it and I was so compelled to write.

Now will Drake make an appearance on your debut?
I don’t know. People are busy but I feel like this was really a collaboration. I feel like [“From Time”] was equally the both of us so even if he doesn’t give me a verse, we still got to work together again.

How about the rest of the OVO crew? Any chance for a collaboration with “40” or PARTYNEXTDOOR?
I would love to. All of [40’s] beats, I would write something to anything. I used to do that all time and I would write my own version of Drake songs in my head or put ‘em out in Myspace and TouTube back in the day. I think 40’s production is perfect. I would do a whole project with him.

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