Vixen Chat: Jhené Aiko Talks Recording For Drake’s ‘Nothing Was The Same,’ New Record With Kendrick Lamar

Jhene AikoJ. Cole recently tapped you for his last album Born Sinner. How did “Sparks Will Fly” come about?
Well he’s really close with No I.D., who’s in charge of my project right now and he was like, ‘Cole has something that he thinks your voice will sound nice on. His deadline is tomorrow. Do you think you could come to the studio and sing it?’ And I was like yeah, but I don’t usually like to sing other people’s words so it’s very rare when I listen to a hook and I’m like ‘Yeah I’ll sing that.’ I take my time when I write. If he had given that to me blank without any reference, I would’ve been like ‘Uhhhh… give me a month and I’ll get back to you with a hot hook.’ But that [song] literally happened within two days.

You’ve also placed on Wale’s mixtape Folarin and Big Sean’s album Hall of Fame so will they be returning the favor when it comes time for your album?
You know what, the only one returning the favor is Kendrick Lamar. He’s gonna be on the Sail Out EP that’s out in October but I don’t take any offense to people not wanting to return the favor. I did the songs [with Wale, Sean, Cole] because I liked everything and I would want them to want to do a song of mine. Nowadays, No I.D. told me, ‘You can stand on your own’ and I agree with him. At the end of the day, if I just take an extra week to write a hot 16, I can do it.

Will your song with Kendrick be a part two of “Growing Apart“?
No, our song is different. It’s sexy but at the same time, it’s very lyrical. It’s a smart and sexy song.

Last question: best advice for people who try their best not to text their ex during emo hours.
(Laughs) Go with how you feel. That’s my advice cause I do it all the time. I feel like it’s more work to hold back like, ‘I’m not gonna text him’ but once you do it, you can just get it out of your system. If it only happens when you’re drunk that you wanna text your ex, don’t do it like put your phone away, stay off of Twitter and hide it from yourself. But if you’re just in your feelings, are just sober and really thinking about the person and really have something on your mind that you wanna tell them, then do it. Why not?

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