Vixen Chat: Tami Roman Talks TR Hair Collection, Cosmetics Line and Being a Businesswoman

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VIBE: Since Fashion Week is still fresh on our radar, let’s talk about your weave line: what prompted the idea to begin the TR Hair Collection?

Tami Roman: Well I’m a weave wearer (laughs), and I had been in business with several companies in the past, and I just felt like they weren’t living up to my standards. I decided to separate ways with some of those people and it didn’t always end amicably, but because of that separation I got to work with some really great companies like Indique and Glam Luxe Hair. We’re invested in the product so I took a step back, decided to do some research and really get involved, analyzing hair from top to bottom in every way so that when I put it out there to the consumer, I really uphold a certain level of integrity with regards to my money. I’m a consumer too so I took the necessary steps to make sure that I would like it so that when I introduced it to the people, they would love it. It was a natural transition. I like to do things that are organic, and I don’t just like to slap my name on products.

Why did you decide to do a curly hair weave line as opposed to a straight hair line?
Because I wear curly hair, I hate to do my hair (laughs), and that is the most versatile and hassle-free hair that’s going. What I love about my hair though is that it’s curly and textured. You can wash and go, but it flat irons beautifully. I have more versatility that way than just having straight hair and can’t do anything else with it or just having curly hair or bad curly hair that I can’t flat iron well. I found a distributor that really lived up to those standards of allowing the consumer the flexibility and to be able to keep their hair longer.

Where can people purchase it?
It’s actually online right now at I don’t have a physical location because we’re just launching, and it’s my baby so we’re just doing online. We’ll build up to a physical location.

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