Vixen Chat: Tami Roman Talks TR Hair Collection, Cosmetics Line and Being a Businesswoman

Tami Roman

Are there any celebrities that you have an eye on to help endorse the hair collection?
Brandy is going to be doing the new photo shoot and she’s going to be rocking my hair. I’m getting it out to my friends and ask that they support me if they can and the first person to respond who’s always so supportive is Brandy. She said when she does her next photo shoot, she would absolutely wear it. I’ve also recently sent Tasha Smith some hair.

You also have a nail polish and lip gloss line as well.
I’m really excited about the lip gloss and nail polish because we just inked a deal with Walgreens so I’m one of the few people who was afforded the opportunity to take a private line into a retail situation. With regional distribution we have five markets right now and I’m hoping to make that a nationwide situation if it does well for the chain.

Are there any other products that you’d like to design?
I’m not gong to say that I’m a designer. Like I said I want to get involved with things that are organic to me. I wear lip gloss and don’t do lipstick much. Of course I go get my nails done and my hair, and I love accessories so those were the three things that I decided to get involved with. People can find the jewelry line at I want to be the type of businessperson that people respect and that people find honor in their word. All of the things that I do I try to put my heart and soul into it and love it. That’s why I pick things that are really real for me, and not just something that I’m saying ‘Oh try this or try that’ with my name attached. It really, really has to mean something to me.

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