Vixen Chat: Taraji P. Henson Talks New Jergens Shea Butter Collection, Beauty Secrets and ‘Poo-Pourri’

Once silver screens and TVs fade, Hollywood actress Taraji P. Henson still stands glowing in the spotlight as Jergens’ newly minted spokeswoman for their skin-moisturizing Shea Butter collection. In conjunction with the beauty care titan’s Celebrating Women campaign, the Person of Interest star brings awareness to West African traditions of whipping up the radiance-boosting concoction, a creation Ghanian women have dubbed “women’s gold.”

“It’s a ritual,” Taraji says of the process. “They wake up in the morning, pick the nuts and dance. This is something that they pass down to all the generations and it’s beautiful.”

Vixen caught up with the cocoa-skinned lady who has ancestral ties to the land flowing with beauty goods to talk her specific connection to the Shea Butter partnership, her personal beauty rituals and the wildest thing you’d find in her bag at this very moment.—Niki McGloster

VIBE Vixen: Your family roots trace back to Ghana, so there’s an emotional sentiment attached to this product but what other reasons did you choose this particular partnership?
Taraji P. Henson: It’s very important to me because I find when big companies go into Africa, they take. It’s beautiful that Jergens has partnered with the Global Shea Alliance and pledged a donation to help the women that make shea butter become more economically independent. They’re not just taking from them, they’re giving back. They’re building more warehouses for them to store more nuts and make more money for them to provide for their families. When you watch the video, you’ll see the story behind what these women do.

Do you have plans of experiencing the entire process?
Yes, eventually one day.

What are some of the beauty rituals that have been passed down in your family?
They always told me to moisturize. I don’t leave the house without lotion. You know how some people will say, ‘I didn’t put lotion on.’ I’m like, how could you put your clothes on? You’re dry and itchy! I found this product I can use and I don’t have to mix anything with it. I just pump it out of the bottle, put it on and I stay moisturized all day.