Vixen Chat: Taraji P. Henson Talks New Jergens Shea Butter Collection, Beauty Secrets and ‘Poo-Pourri’

jergensI can co-sign that. The deep-conditioning butter has been so clutch. 
That’s the one that’s more concentrated. I’m probably going to start switching to that because its getting dryer outside. Right after the shower, I put it on even when I’m still a little damp because it works. See, shea butter is different [from cocoa butter] because it’s thicker, richer. It works with the temperature of your skin and seeps down into your pores. You know you’re shedding skin every day, but this dodges that layer of skin coming off. I don’t know it’s weird because literally when I take my clothes off at night to go to bed, I still feel moisturized. Oh, and I always use it for my feet at night and put socks on.

My grandmother always told me to do that!
That’s another secret passed down.

Is this line solely targeting African American women?
This line is targeting all women because shea butter is a beauty secret they’ve had for centuries, and, thank God, Jergens is bold enough to finally bring this secret to women all over the globe with this new shea butter product. And it’s different from any other shea butter because they just went to Africa and took it. We’re actually helping the women who are responsible for this beauty secret.

Now what do you say to the women who love their cherry almond Jergens? How do you get them to convert?
Mix it! [Laughs] Some women don’t need as much moisture, but mix it. I’m a scientist.

What are some of your earliest memories of Jergens?
That original scent. My grandmother kept it on her dresser because she’s old school. She would wake up at the crack of dawn and cook my grandfather’s meals, so her hands were constantly in water. I just have visions of her going to her Jergens and [pumping it into her hands] all day, keeping her hands moisturized. So it’s always just been Jergens, and it’s crazy that I have partnered with them. It’s like my life has come full-circle.