Vixen Chat: Tia Mowry Talks ‘The Game’, Her New Sitcom, and Staying Away from The Darkness of Reality TV

Tia MowryYou always seem to project a positive image on your reality show, which we all know is rare for women now-a-days. How do you steer away from the darkness of Reality TV?
What I value is integrity and character. If that’s seen on TV then I’m extremely happy. What you see is what you get. My family raised me to value who I am as a person and so that’s what I value.
Now that you have dabbled in both the reality realm and sitcoms what do you love more?
I love sitcoms. It’s all that I know. I get this instant gratification when I’m playing somebody that I’m not.
Congrats on the new sitcom, Instant Mom! How did this project come about?
I was approached by the producer and he had me in mind for the character. I read the script and was super excited. It was perfect timing for me. I’m adapting to motherhood, going through the trials and errors of being a mother and Stephanie (my character) that’s also what she’s going through so I’m excited to play more of a light hearted role.
How is it working with the cast? Particularly Sheryl Lee Ralph?
I feel so blessed for working with a great and amazing cast. We are a family and just enjoy each other. We mesh and click, so I hope once the show airs people can really see that. We really have become an instant family.
Will Tamara be making any cameos this season?
You never know. Anything is possible. We are doing things separately in our careers; she’s doing the talk show genre and I’m doing more TV and film. You just never know though.

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