Vixen Chat: Tia Mowry Talks ‘The Game’, Her New Sitcom, and Staying Away from The Darkness of Reality TV

tia mowryYour role seems to reflect your life now (minus the three kids). Do you channel from real life experiences?
Yes definitely. Even though the kids are a lot older, it’s the same in regards to my life now. Kids go through different stages, so it’s always something you’re adjusting to and that’s the same thing with my character. She’s adjusting to it all. It’s almost like I’m projecting into the future a little bit.
How do you manage all of the expectations that come with motherhood, marriage, being an actress and businesswoman?
You have to be passionate about what you do. When you’re passionate you just find ways to do it. I prioritize. The weekends are the time I set aside to spend quality time with my family. Everyone thinks I live such a glamorous lifestyle but I really like to live normal.
Can vixens anticipate more babies for Tia in the future?
Definitely! And this is a constant conversation I’m having with my husband. I’m always saying “You know what baby? Time isn’t really on my side right now. I’m getting older” and he always hits me with: “I’m straight Tia, I’m fine.” *laughs* But definitely sooner rather than later.
What are your secrets to staying in shape?
Working out. Do research and find all the different ways you can break out a sweat. They have dance cardio, palates, yoga, and so many things you can do. Test the waters and see what makes you enjoy it.
Any other projects coming up?
Baggage Claim just came out, and I’m expanding my mommy and baby brand. Right now we have Milky and Stretchy. Right now I just pitched a show to Nickelodeon, so definitely a lot of things coming up.

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