Vixen Exclusive: Sharaya J Drops New Video “Smash Up The Place/Snatch Yo Wigs”

SharayaHer first introduction to Missy Elliott:
She asked me if I was an artist and I was like “nah, I’m a choreographer but I have been trying to work on my creative artist thing.” She told me “you have star quality, I peep it already, what you need to do is you need to come with me to my camp and let me groom you and let me show you the ropes to this thing because you have the potential to go far.” So I hopped on it because if she can turn this diamond in the rough [into a star], I’m on it.

Missy is giving her a chance to create her own fan base:
She’s on a bunch of tracks but I think she’s very conscious because she wants people to respect me as an artist and not because I’m Missy’s artist. We have a bunch of joints together and she wants to make sure its right timing and I have my own fan base that rides for me for real and then we can throw these joints out.

What Missy has taught her:
She’s taught me so much about the business. The reality is we think alike and I think that’s what attracted us to each other. We’re both extremely passionate about music and hip-hop and being great at what we do and so that kind of helps the situation every time.

Missy drops constant jewels:
I’m blessed because Missy drops so many jewels on me everyday. When she said I’m going to groom you she meant that. When I first got with her she said it’s not going happen in one year, not a week or two weeks, you have to really want to do this, it’s all or nothing.

Hard part of working with a legend:
It’s tough working with her because she’s a perfectionist and she’s not gonna let you slip but you’ll reach your potential, she’s that girl. I  found out how far I can go creatively because she’ll be like “that’s whack” to a track. And don’t let it be real whack because she’ll give it to you but all this doing will help you perfect your craft and when it comes out people will appreciate the fact that you put the work in.