Vixen Next Artist: Netta Brielle

Netta BrielleNetta Brielle has one major goal: bring the 90’s time period back to music. Netta promises classic music lovers that if you follow her journey you’ll fall in love with her story and her voice. She’s a regular girl that is pursuing her dreams and we’re proud to endorse her as our next artist on the rise.

Name: Netta Brielle
Twitter: @NettaBrielle
Instagram: @NettaBrielle
Dream artist to work with: Usher. I feel like I’m the female version of him.

Why we like her: She has huge dreams and is pursing them despite setbacks.

Janet Jackson is her biggest influence: Janet is a dope-performing artist. When I think of Usher, Michael Jackson, Janet, and even Beyoncé. Those artist can deliver vocally, dope songs, with a dope stage presence and performance.

MC Hammer inspired her to pursue this as a career:

MC Hammer is the hometown hero in the Bay area. I went to an MC Hammer concert when I was really young, like 4 years old. It was an arena full of people and just the energy and his stage performance style and how he connected with the audience and he made his fans feel. I actually was pulled on stage and got to dance. At that moment, I was like this is what I want to do.

Her new stardom is surreal:

I’m from the Bay area and a lot of artist don’t make it out of there. We have so much talent that never makes it out and for me to do it and be here and work with people who understand the music I want to do is great. I love it!

She thrived through her setbacks. :

It freaks me out being in NY because I know just a couple of years ago this is something I used to pray and cry about, but now I’m here. I really want to make them proud [the bay area] and my family proud. We’ve been through a lot: my sister was murdered in 2007, and when I went to Def Jam and meet with Shakir Stewart, he passed away not too long afterwards. It was always something tragic happening, to just be here it’s dope.

Being on stage is the best part of what she does:

Being on stage is my air. Being on stage and getting the energy from the people, I love [performing]. Something is empty in me, it’s like I miss an ex boyfriend.

Her story is just as important as her music:

Obviously the music is the most important, but I want people to be inspired by my story because I come from a situation of how did I make it out, how did I come to this place. There are so many girls like me across the world that didn’t grow up with much but just really had a dream and wanted to do something and actually made it happen.

She wants to make timeless music:

I want my music to last over time; I don’t want to do now records or music that’s hot right now. I want my lyrics to say something and mean something. I want those classic records that 10 years now they still feel as good as they did when you heard them the first time.

Flip the page to listen to her mixtape, Will You Go With Me.

Photo Credit: Netta Brielle