Vixen Next Artist: Stacy Barthe

Stacy BartheYou may not be familiar with Stacy Barthe but you know her work. The singer and songwriter is accredited to writing hits for your favorite celebrities like Rihanna’s “Cheers”. Now it’s her time to shine behind the mic and tell her story, and we’re ready to listen. Find out why she’s our next artist.

Name: Stacy Barthe
Twitter: @StacyBarthe

5 fun facts: I love to cook, I’m almost passionate about cooking as I am music. I lost 170 pounds, I was morbidly obese and one day I decided I couldn’t do this anymore. I paint. I write poetry. I’m afraid of bugs, even ants.

Why we endorse her: Her sound is refreshing and her positive messages are much needed. She sings what she knows and her experiences hoping to help those going through the same situations.

The type of artist she is:

There are artist who can write their songs, I find myself being drawn to as a fan and as a listener and then there are great executioners, they artist who can sing phenomenal.

She wants her fans to take a piece of her:

I want my fans to take a piece of me because that’s all I do it for. How I developed into an artist is because I went through a tremulous time in life.

She writes what she knows:

I started my songwriting career with writing for Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and Madonna. So my career began in the pop world. The things I do for other artist is very different than what I do for me. I’m not that person. Most of my music comes from a time when I’m either yearning or hurting. I chose that route because of who I am. I can only speak about what I know. I’m not getting turned up in the club, most of my life is spent with dealing with real stuff.

Music business isn’t built for everybody:

As far as careers go, they say it takes 10 years to become an overnight success. It takes a while and the music business isn’t built for everybody because it takes a long time to get traction. It’s like watching the paint dry. I remember being very discouraged, dead broke, and wondering when was all this stuff going to make sense, but I didn’t give up, I just won’t give up. I’m still in that place where I want to make a point. I still have a point to prove and no matter what plateau you get to you will have something else to prove and something more that you want so just keep striving. This is a marathon, this isn’t a race and the only person you want to compete with is yourself.

She wants free thinking fans:

I want you to feel me for as long as you want to feel me. You’re not going to love everything I do. If I do something and you don’t like it, it’s whatever but think for yourself.

When she changed her life, she inked a deal with John Legend:

I put out an EP, Sincerely Yours. That was my first attempt as an artist. Those same songs, I was trying to shop to other artist to place them but nobody was messing with them. I was like the one thing that may be standing in the way is the weight. So around the time I made that decision [to lose weight] I decided to do this artist thing and be serious about it. We put it out and we get a great response, his business partner reached out and said John wants to write with you and I’m like of course, I love his music. So I go there and he plays me this record called “All of Me” and I cried because it was so beautiful. I had a show a little after I met John and [his business partner] Eddie came and he was like ‘how can this all come together because John respects you as an artist, he loves what you do, so how can we make this make sense.’ I just think it made sense with the level of Eddie and John’s belief. 

Lessons John Legend teaches her:

John’s a simple guy, he’s extremely intelligent and education. He taught me how to be poised and he is a great interviewer. He’s concise, well versed, and engaging when he performs.

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