Vixen of the Day: Joaquinna Sorrell

Vixen of the Day: Joaquinna SorrellVixen of the Day: Joaquinna Sorrell

Age: 19

Location: Upper Marlboro, MD

Occupation: Dancer, full time college student, aspiring & upcoming model/actress

Style: Urban chic, eccentric, vintage

Beauty Fave I Can’t Live Without: Mascara by Sephora and a bold lip (pink, purple, red, etc.)

Inspired By: Zoe Saldana – She inspires me because she reminds me a little of myself, a lady who started out as a dancer and blossomed into other crafts such as acting and modeling.

Oprah Winfrey – I have always been inspired by this woman. She comes from what many would call nothing and created a life for herself within her own dreams and talents. She never settles and to this day, still uses her creative mind to grow in her career.

Katrina Sorrell – My mother. I watched her do what most women cannot. She let go of her own dreams to create a better and stable life for her own family. She became one of the best workers at her firm and started a new dream for herself while allowing me to follow mine.

A Vixen is… A vixen is someone who is all about her attitude and inner confidence. Having a sense of creativity and the belief in yourself. Anyone can have a gorgeous face, but beauty comes from the inside and I believe personality comes first. A vixen is a lady with women power, the courage to go after what she wants, and waits for no one. Being inspired within yourself to continue to make your dreams come true. Altogether, a vixen is a woman who knows who she is, but learns about herself everyday. Most importantly, a woman who loves herself unconditionally.