Vixen of the Day: Lizzy Modink

Vixen of the Day: Lizzy ModinkName: Lizzy Modink

Age: 23

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Occupation: Band Promotional Manager

Style: Morbid and Punk

Beauty Fave I Can’t Live Without: Infallible Lipstick

Inspired by: Sheryl Crow because she’s a strong, independent, fearless musician that has  overcome a lot and is relatable. Kat Von D for her solid independence, work ethic, sincerity, artistic talents, and for owning her own shop and being a best selling author. Melissa Etheridge for standing up for equality rights of partners, along with  countless music success.

A vixen is… “Looking around, I feel that it’s not common that females of Asian descent, as myself, are  part of magazines. I thought to myself that if I can get into the industry, I can bring something new to the publications that people subscribe to on a daily basis and it would be encouraging to other females out there who are of different ethnicities other than Caucasian. Modeling allows oneself to transform, to breathe in a different way, and in my case, it’s a form of art, where people stare at my photos and wonder ‘who is this unique beauty?’

Photo Credit: pSocial Light