Vixen Reality Files: BBW5 Ep 5 Recap – Lay It All Out On The Table

You think its funnyOpening a Can Of Worms

Evelyn switches gears and focuses on Tasha’s head butt comment. Tasha tells Evelyn that the comment wasn’t directed towards her and compares it to the chef story mentioned in Evelyn’s book. And since they’re on the topic of Evelyn’s past anyway, Tasha mentions another comment brought up in a conversation with Suzie — yes, Suzie is still present at the table. Back to the convo, remember that whole ‘wearing of the helmet when Evelyn starts to date again’ comment? Yup, the other bad joke.

Well, surprisingly Evelyn who confronted Suzie for laughing and Tasha for even making the statement in the first place, thought it was the least bit funny. The mood changes as everyone realizes Evelyn is more hurt by the comment than anything. Instead of flying across a table or throwing bottles as she would have in the past, Evelyn tells the ladies she’s leaving shortly after tearing up.  Can Ev truly forgive Tasha?  Until next time …

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