Vixen Reality Files: BBW5 Ep 5 Recap – Lay It All Out On The Table

Evelyn meets with ShaunieWhat Was I Thinking?

Apparently Shaniece gives great advice, or it could very well be that Evelyn doesn’t want her daughter to think she’s going back down the Ochocinco road.

With that said, Ev reveals that she still has some communication between her ex-husband, Chad. She tells Shaniece — who is no fan of Ochocinco — that she sends him some birthday wishes via text. But no worries, its strictly platonic. Especially after the “photo situation” where Ev was photographed holding Chad’s hand while attending a fan appreciation dinner. While she goes down memory lane for a quick second saying that she loved and wanted to be with him, Ev jokingly says the marriage “flopped like a pancaaaaake” thanking Chad for f**king up. I guess he turned out to be the best thing she’s never had.