Vixen Reality Files: BBW5 Ep 5 Recap – Lay It All Out On The Table

Tami meets with a Life CoachI am not Mother Theresa

Tami meets with a life coach where she vents and gets some advice on her attitude and ways to better herself. She admits that she tends to fall back to old habits and really wants to change. And, of course, Tami mentions Shaunie’s comment which has yet to die out.

When her life coach ask “How much of what people say do you take personally?” Tami explains the closer someone is to her, the more personal it gets. She then creates a list for herself to target the issues that triggers her anger. “I think that one is definitely a factor for me,” says Tami “and I don’t like hands.”

In the end, Tami realizes the way she handles any situation today is very much how she was treated by her mother growing up. They do say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.