Vixen Reality Files: BBW5 Ep 5 Recap – Lay It All Out On The Table

Really Tasha?Grand Opening. Grand Closing.

Tasha and Shaunie meet up to shop for outfits for the big event. She lets Shaunie know that her weave bar is having some difficulties with the grand opening. “It looks like a disaster still,” Tasha says. Tasha considers having a soft opening since she’s already told everybody and their momma while Shaunie advises a possible postpone of the opening.

With two days left to spare until the event, Tasha freaks out and questions whether Heather can actually pull this off. Tasha jokes of having to headbutt Heather to kick things into gear which doesn’t sit well with Shaunie. Talk about a joke gone bad.

Tasha then tells Shaunie that she wasn’t referring to Evelyn’s current situation even though the comment rolled off her tongue at such perfect timing.