Vixen Reality Files: BBW5 Ep 5 Recap – Lay It All Out On The Table

Boop!Let’s Clear The Air

The ladies meet for a much needed get together to get some things off their chest.  First, to address the elephant in the room — the really right or really wrong comment. The horse, by now, has been badly beaten and most certainly needs to be addressed. Evelyn initiates the conversation starting with the statement and wondering if everything was cool since talking about it numerous times.

Tasha tells Tami that she doesn’t feel a negative seed had been planted. Adding to that, Shaunie says the comment was made because Tami and Tasha has similar attitudes, although she failed to give Tami a similar disclaimer. She claimed both ladies have “smart mouths” but “It wasn’t in a negative sense.”

“I think a negative sense would’ve been ‘oh now, she might act a fool’,” says Shaunie. Tami, on the other hand, doesn’t agree and says it could have easily led to that.