Vixen Reality Files: BBW5 Ep4 Recap — “Grow Up or Shut Up”

Tami treats her mother to the spaA Day to Unwind

Tami treats her mother to a day of relaxation at the Spa. She takes the opportunity to propose the idea of a family portrait but Mama Nadine doesn’t seem to entertain the idea.  Tami also ask about her mother staying in a Hospice instead of her home but Mama Nadine already plans to move into her own space — not taking any help from Tami.

Meanwhile, Suzie meets up with Tasha at the gym expressing, once again, her opinion on the Chad and Evelyn situation. In the confessional Suzie mentions not wanting to pry because she’s not that person. It was only two episodes ago that she does just the exact opposite of what she’s saying. Either way, Suzie chooses to voice her opinions anyway.