Vixen Review: ‘Nothing Was The Same’ is the Sound of a Man With Confidence


Insatiability can be mankind’s Achilles heel, and we ladies know it best. In our personal quests to find Mr. Right, we tend to craft these fantasy-like mental mock-ups of the perfect man- one who can fight off a Spartan army, sheds no tears, is a god in the sheets, and has two degrees and a bottomless wallet–and the men in the real world fall short. Of course every woman (and her checklist) is different, but if a fella’s got four out of five, wandering minds still hunt for the guy with the perfect strikeout is. A woman’s (understandingly) sky-high expectations may make some dudes intimidated or insecure, but by the sound of Nothing Was The Same, Drake isn’t one of them. No woman, or man for that matter, can shake the confidence that comes with the 26-year-old’s hard-earned stardom. Now that right there, is an attractive quality.