Vixen TV: An Exclusive Look at Jameelah Booker’s Motorcycle Jacket Collection


Available today on and Owen in NYC’s Meatpacking District, Jameelah Booker’s motorcycle jacket collection is high quality fashion for the empowered vixen. Inspired by her own love for the biker lifestyle, Jameelah’s line will appeal to women from all walks of life.

“I wanted to create a line that would cater to all kinds of women,” she tells Vixen. “There’s different fits in the collection- for the girl that lives in Williamsburg and is really high fashion; that girl that’s on Fifth Ave. that wants something a little more classic or that girl that wants an everyday jacket. The most important thing for me is for the women to feel empowered when they wear the jackets.”

While most would want a Rihanna or Beyonce as part of their clientele, Booker is all about positive messaging from artists like Katy Perry or Pink. “It’s super important that I don’t just have any celebrity wearing the jacket- I want the celebrities that have a voice and something to say. That’s also an inspiration for me to design this collection, too because these are the type of women I want to wear it and get other people to do the same.”

Designed with deer skin, the jackets will not only make you feel like a million bucks, but protect you better than other jackets typically made with softer materials like lambskin.

Watch our exclusive BTS footage above as Jameelah talks more about her creative process and shooting the Spring ’14 lookbook. And click here to see beautiful photos of the entire collection.