Vixen Vent: Being a Pescatarian Girl in a Black Girl’s World

black woman and Healthy Eating

There are few things I am sure of as a growing 24-year old woman. Am I destined for marriage and children? Will I ever leave New York? Can I make rent next month? Life is a carousel of neverending questions, but one thing’s for sure. I will never eat meat again (*cue gasps, eye rolls, etc.).

Not to take away from my positive upbringing, but growing up with a single mother in a lower class neighborhood meant settling for a less than desirable diet. Because healthy foods are expensive and “bad” foods are cheap (thanks U.S. government), our weekly food stamp ration meant the occassional snack, bologna sandwiches and Ramen noodles with KoolAid everyday for lunch. In fact, before “moving on up” to a better town and starting middle school, I had no idea what a vegetarian or pescatarian was.

My little sister was the first in our family to swear off meat. Half drama queen, half trailblazer; we weren’t surprised that she’d made such a drastic change…and I gave her a hard time about it. Every chance I’d get- out at a restaurant or during a car ride- I’d list the reasons why swearing off meat was “stupid,” “pointless” and “confusing.” Why deny yourself something that God created; especially when it tastes so amazing?! It wasn’t until a chance encounter with Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin’s Skinny Bitch that surprisingly made me a believer-more on my reasons another time.

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