Vixen Vent: Let’s Not Get Kerryied Away, Folks

I am a gladiator. It has to be said because the words that will follow will cause many to doubt my devotion to Scandal. Along with seven million other viewers who tune in Thursdays for Olivia Pope, my adoration for Kerry Washington is die-hard fandom. But Kerry was not snubbed at this year’s Primetime Emmy’s.

On Sunday night, our eyes peered at the TV in hopes that Kerry would walk away with the Emmy for “Lead Actress in a Drama Series.” Earlier in the show, Diahann Carroll and Kerry Washington glowed on stage together as graceful, elegant, talented and smart black women. It was a moment as Ms. Carroll proclaimed, “She betta win” in reference to Kerry’s nomination. Although many of us noticed the lily-white audience, we remained tuned in to the colorless show in hopes that Kerry would walk away with the win. The W instead went to Claire Danes for her role in Homeland. And Black Twitter reacted.

Photo Credit: AP/Invision