Vixen Vent: Let’s Not Get Kerryied Away, Folks


Scandal is a fantastic show, one we maneuver our schedules around to watch live with the rest of Twitter. There isn’t another actress we could imagine embodying Olivia Pope in the way Kerry has. From the fashion to emotion to complexity of her private and professional life, Kerry is Olivia Pope. Her role, however, doesn’t exactly have the most depth to no fault of her own. Her range of acting hasn’t been explored to its greatest potential, which may have less to do with Kerry and more to do with the writing and storyline.

Ms. Washington’s win would have been historical (the first black woman to win an Emmy for lead actress in a dramatic series). The marginalized would have viewed her win as their own considering the decades of oversights. Yet the better actress in her role won, and that’s no slight on the fabulous Kerry.

The newlywed was nominated in a category with great talent. Robin Wright in House of Cards plays her role to the tee. I’ve watched a handful of Homeland episodes and can assure you that Claire Danes was equally deserving.

Photo Credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin