Waka Flocka Flame Talks ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,’ Gucci Mane Meltdown And More On The Breakfast Club

Waka Flocka Flame took a break from his recent Eurotrip and touched down in New York for a visit to the Breakfast Club. He puts the rumor mill to rest by first confirming that his fiancee will be starring on the new season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, and that he will be making a few cameos himself. The Atlanta rapper then jumps right into the controversy surrounding his former Brick Squad cohort Gucci Mane’s erratic behavior on Twitter. He likened Guwop talking greasy to him to the relationship between a student and his sensei.

“When he talk crazy, I be seein ‘Waka disloyal,’ I’m like how? I met this guy and I’m not even trying to talk back. I met this guy, he had clear Jordans, cowboy boots and sleeping in an old school Chevy. He lived in my mom’s house for 2 years rent-free. I risked my life … When you’re not bigger than somebody, they’re basically like your sensei, it’s like Bruce Lee and his sensei, like your sensei love you but when you fight and you whoop his ass, it’s like a different story.”

Waka also says he isn’t trying to sell his contract, despite Gooch putting up his music rights for a million dollars on Twitter. “I don’t wanna kill him or nothing, I just wanna slap him a couple of times like a little big brother,” he says.

Watch the full interview above.