Vixen Vent: Can You Put Yourself in a Position to be Raped?

woman with friends

CAN a woman put herself in the position to be raped? It is a rough discussion to have because of the opposing arguments. Some claim that if a woman becomes intoxicated, wears provocative clothing, begins sexual activity and then takes away permission, or is known to be promiscuous, she, on some level, “asks for it”. If you are a “tease”, a “flirt” or a “freak” and anything that happens is your fault.

On the other hand, some believe there’s never anything a woman can do to cause rape, and that it is always the man’s fault.

Legally, the second camp is right. Once a woman says stop, or if she does not give consent on any level-whether attacked, too young or too intoxicated—the man can and will be charged with rape (often called “sexual battery”).

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