Vixen Vent: Can You Put Yourself in a Position to be Raped?

women and rape

Society is slowing moving away from the perception that rape only happens to housewives or nuns, or those kidnapped off the street and violated in an alley. The law now has to deal with attacks that occur at college drinking parties, as well as young women imitating the sexualized behavior as seen on television and the internet. Juries still have a hard time with this concept since it’s sometimes a crime that does not have any witnesses.  It ends up being his word against hers, and unless the woman appears sympathetic on the witness stand, it is difficult to get a guilty verdict.  It’s probably from that viewpoint that the Montana judge figured the young victim was responsible for what happened to her. Regardless of his perception: he was still dead wrong. A 14 year old can’t give consent to have sex. Period.

Photo Credit: Getty Images