Vixen Vent: Can You Put Yourself in a Position to be Raped?

tell them not to rape

It is a simple fact that some men are predators. Others exercise bad judgment, as a result of alcohol or from being egged on by friends. Women need to protect themselves and each other from bad situations. Sometimes, it cannot be prevented. For example, while in college, my girlfriends and I had a pact: when we went out, we rolled in to a party together, and left together. Even while drinking, we were always aware of where our friends were. I encourage other women to do the same. Bad things can happen when an intoxicated girl is left on her own.

And MEN need to exercise the same control. If you see your buddy with a heavily intoxicated female and things are getting heavy, you should step in to prevent a bad situation. And if you are the guy involved and she’s drunk: leave her alone. The few minutes of pleasure are not worth the lifetime of pain that you may cause and receive. Hooking up with a drunk girl doesn’t prove you’re “the man”.  Actually, you look like a loser. You’ve got game when you can woo a sober girl to go out with you.

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