Watch: DJ Sammy Feat The Jackie Boyz “Shut Up & Kiss Me”

After too much time in the dark, DJ Sammy returns to the light where we can see – and what’s better – hear him. The 43-year-old DJ, who has produced five albums over his celebrated career, brings the musical homecoming into the beaming sunlight with a new video for the feel-good pop-electronic tune, “Shut Up & Kiss Me.” As a dance music veteran, DJ Sammy is known for his gargantuan 2002 hit, “Heaven,” among numerous other smash records. Sammy sculpts yet another musical guilty pleasure, painted with lush vocal work by The Jackie Boys. The lyrics are bubble gum snappy and impossible not to sing along with no matter how old you are. The poppy nature of the single is displayed in its bubbly and energetic video filmed in Sammy’s hometown in Mallorca. And men, take note: no matter what the situation, these magic words will (almost always) make your girl swoon. Check out the video, which will teach men one more thing: Every gal is happier on a boat. Grab “Shut Up & Kiss Me” out September 17th on Robbins.