Watch: Mysteryland High Octane Aftermovie

It’s no mystery why Mysteryland is such a massive (and still growing) phenom fest, ushering in thousands of artistic-minded music slaves year after year to Amsterdam. Musically, the festival features an incredibly diverse lineup spanning over 10 stages on a physical footprint larger than the massive Tomorrowland. Fans of the harder styles as well as the more laid-back, lounge-y sounds are all “doing their thing and have a real good time. [Different styles/crowds] never clashes with each other, so there is a very organic flow, just the way it should be,” says Lotte Anna Lebens, Marketing manager of ID&T North American (and responsible for the last 4 years of Mysteryland, including the more recent Chilean edition).

As we showed you in VIBE’s “50 Tips To Surviving Mysteryland,’ “it is the pinnacle of music, culture and art wrapped up into a historic festival running for 20 years strong outside of Amsterdam. The famed ID&T festival (aka production moguls responsible for Sensation and Tomorrowland) ‘really lays its emphasis on the cultural and creative side behind electronic music,” says ID&T creative team leader Jeroen Jansen. “Its about the music of course. The music is a very important element, but 60 to 70 percent is focused on the movement, the artistic movements behind electronic music, nightlife and festival culture.'”

Watch the Mysteryland aftermovie, below:

Photo Credit: Andrew Rauner/ AJRphtography