Watch: ‘Snow On Tha Bluff’ Star Curtis Snow Releases Autobiography

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When you’ve become known for putting your hood on the map, the next logical step is to elaborate the most intimate moments of your life and hope lightning strikes twice.

Curtis Snow, the subject of the critically-acclaimed (and hood certified) pseudo-documentary, Snow On Tha Bluff (2012), returns with another project to inspire folks to leave the life behind. Announced through Echoing Soundz, Over The Edge Books and Shalimar Media Group, Snow, releases his new autobiography titled My Name is Curtis Snow and I’m a G, which details his most street official moments while growing up in Georgia’s crime infested neighborhood known as “Tha Bluff.”

His new hustle hopes to capture the same eyes that fell in love with his authentic depiction of a real life D-boy. Similar to the Damon Russell film, My Name Is is full of real life events depicting his drug-slinging, gang-shooting days in the notorious neighborhood.

According to the book’s press release, there were some things left out that the film couldn’t even show.

“Snow introduces a new definition of the “hood” term “G” as a “genius” instead of gangster, referencing the fact that he and others like him couldn’t have made it through their tough upbringing without creative brain power. ‘I know people will be able to relate to what I went through when they read my book. It’s going to make you feel something…you’ll get mad, you’ll laugh, you may cry. But everything is true,’ says Snow.”

Watch the book’s trailer below:

Co-written by former XXL wordsmith Calvin Stovall, the book shows the progression of Curtis Snow as a man and as a hustler, how he dealt with issues in the street life, and the lessons learned after witnessing the deaths of his brother, mother and cousin all in one week. The newly minted author also goes into detail about how his film deal for Snow On Tha Bluff was a tough experience and how since then, he’s been taken advantage of since the movie was released.

As Snow plans to promote his new book, he is also gearing up for his collaboration with popular skate brand DGK to release an exclusive t-shirt and skateboard in conjunction with the autobiography.

My Name is Curtis Snow and I’m a G can be purchased on iTunes (HERE) or at your local Barnes & Nobles store.