Watch: Steve Aoki Secret Audition To Replace Zach Galifianakis

We all remember and love Zach Galifianakis’s breakout role as Allen in the ‘Hangover,’ which has secured him a place in two more sequels… or so you think. Behold the secret audition tape where comedy stars Jason Sudeikis, Jeffrey Tambor, and even ‘world famous DJ’ Steve Aoki try to ‘Zach it up” in hopes of replacing Galifianakis in the ‘Hangover 3.’ What follows is pure hilarity, where even Aoki is able to conjure up a few laughs with his failed attempts at a script reading that followed with f-bombs and donning a bushy beard. As the film’s director Todd Phillips suggested, “The expression, ‘don’t quit your day job’… it didn’t apply to him cause his day job is at night, cause he’s a DJ.”

Watch the rest of the audition below: