Why Living Single is the Blueprint

living single

Living Single was the under-acknowledged blueprint for HBO’s Sex and the City. It’s not a common notion among TV critics or viewers, but one can’t mention SATC without paying homage to its predecessor LS.

Today audiences’ praise HBO’s the innovation of Girls for being more realistic to the 20something struggle then than its sister series SATC that’s become a common comparison. LS rarely—if ever—gets mentioned as the model for young, feminist-esque, career women figuring out the beauty of life.

On August 22, 1993 we were introduced to four very different women navigating single life in Brooklyn. For five seasons Khadijah, Synclaire, Max and Regine made us laugh and smile as nuanced black women who defied caricatures and stereotypes. Overton and Kyle added much appreciated testosterone to the already colorful cast.