Wiz Khalifa Previews Upcoming Flat Fitty Hat Collaboration

Last month, luxury headwear company Flat Fitty previewed their upcoming collaboration with Wiz Khalifa at the MAGIC Market Week in Las Vegas.

The partnership entails custom designed hats from the Taylor Gang frontman each season, beginning later this year. Wiz’s hands on approach includes adding input to every aspect of the product and ensuring its durability.

“The most important thing in developing this hat line for me is being involved in everything through the evolution and not leaving any part out,” he said in a recent interview with Flat Fitty. “I started out just wearing hats to wear hats, and when I wanted to be different I wanted to wear something that everybody’s not wearing, something that might not necessarily be comfortable for me but I can make it a part of who I am, and it becomes who i am.”

Wiz is quickly becoming a trendsetter and coveted spokesperson for brands, following his recent partnership with Converse.
The Flat Fitty, Wiz Khalifa collaboration debuts this holiday season via Flat Fitty. Check out more photos here.