Would You Do It?: Julie Chen Talks Getting Plastic Surgery to Look Less Asian


If the only thing keeping you from your dream job was a change in physical appearance, would you do it? For The Talk co-host Julie Chen, the answer was yes as she copped to getting plastic surgery early in her career earlier this week.

“I was 25 years old and I was working as a local news reporter in Dayton, Ohio. I asked my news director [if] over the holidays, if anchors want to take vacations, could I fill in? And he said, ‘You will never be on this anchor desk, because you’re Chinese.'”

After being told that her Chinese eyes made her look “disinterested and bored” on camera and meeting with agents who echoed the same comments, Chen revealed that she had surgery to make her eyes bigger.

“And after I had it done, the ball did roll for me. And I wondered, did I give in to the man? I have to live with every decision that I’ve made. And it got me to where we are today. And I’m not going to look back.”

Vixens: do you think Chen gave in or should we sympathize?

Photo Credit: The Talk/E! Online