10 Artists Mase Needs To Work With On His New Album ‘Now We Even’

He’s baaaaaaack! After taking nearly a decade off, Mase announced that he’s going to release a new album called Now We Even sometime in the near future. He didn’t specify when it will be out or what record label it will come out on, but he did reveal a few of the artists that he would like to make guest appearances on the album. Those artists include Drake, Jay Z, Lauryn Hill, 2 Chainz, Seal (WTF?) and Cee Lo Green.

But why stop there? Mase is Mase, after all, and we’re betting that he could get just about anyone to agree to appear on his album. So we think he should aim to get the biggest, most interesting guest appearances possible. With that in mind, we put together a list of the 10 artists Mase needs to work with on his new album, Now We Even.

Photo Credit: RapRadar