VV Must Have: 10 Fashionable Travel Bags


Though it once carried a hint of decadence, travel in 2013 is far from glamourous. Thanks to the dominance of the functional rolling suitcase, there is an assembly line-like monotony to trip-taking today.  Wherever you are in the world is an indeterminate number of near-identical, black suitcases on revolving baggage claim belts, sliding through x-ray machines and being pulled by harried travelers.

But, how many of us have grown weary of trying to find ways to customize our dull luggage and differentiate it from the microfiber hordes? Is our style-savvy is being sabotaged by sensible “roll-ons”?

Fret no more Vixens: we have the answers! Here are ten luxurious-yet-functional options that’ll infuse any trip with a hefty dose of the haute.

-Sacha Phillip-Wynne

Globe-Trotter’s classic, handmade suitcases are the ultimate accompaniment to far-flung, five-star excursions. At home, these cases are durable enough for use as permanent storage and beautiful enough for use as décor.

Photo Credit: Globetrotter1897