10 NBA Teams That Should Align With Rappers

If you want to be a successful NBA franchise in 2013, you need three things: Good players, good coaches and a rapper in your corner. Why else do you think the Toronto Raptors just decided to team up with their new “Global Ambassador” Drake? They saw how guys like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and even Drizzy himself helped propel the Miami Heat to two straight championships—and they saw all the hype surrounding Jay Z’s ownership of the Brooklyn Nets—and decided that they wanted a piece of a rapper, too. So they aligned themselves with Drake and—voila!—they’re suddenly relevant again.

Because of that, we don’t think the Raptors are going to be the last NBA franchise to align with a rapper. So we assembled a list of 10 NBA teams who would also benefit from bringing a rapper on board in the near future. Who wants to give one of these rappers a title and a corner office first?

Photo Credit: CBC