15 Twitter Reactions To Last Night’s ‘Scandal’ Episode

In last night’s episode of Scandal, audiences were treated to another human bomb (Shonda Rhimes loves that theme), the mysterious return of Jake Ballard and Olivia’s presidential love triangle re-ignites in full effect. The ep also found Pope & Associates securing a new client, a woman named Mary Nesbitt. After dropping a stupid large sum of money, she later strapped a bomb to her chest and held a room full of people hostage at the White House. With the team out of the loop and Huck using his “day off” to send a stern message to Olivia’s pops (played by Joe Morton), the craziness was all over the place.

There was plenty of meat on the bone during the “Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington” episode, and we found the best Twitter reactions made by you, the show’s fans.